Pharmaceutical Public-private Partnerships: Moving From the Bench to the Bedside

This article provides a game theory and law-and-management analysis of forprofit pharmaceutical public-private partnerships, a complex type of legal arrangement in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

The Value of a Legally Astute Top Management Team

This article describes the construct of “legal astuteness” and explains why it is a valuable dynamic capability. It also examines the systems approach to law and strategy, which embeds the top management team within the firm’s “ecosystem.”

Winning Legally

I postulate that “legal astuteness” is a valuable managerial capability that may provide a competitive advantage under the resource-based view of the firm. Law and the tools it offers are an enabling force legally astute management teams can use to manage the firm more effectively.

Who Let the Lawyers Out

Reconstructing the role of the Chief Legal Officer and the corporate client in a globalizing world.

The Astute Board Member’s Guide to Corporate Political Spending

Co-authored with Bruce F. Freed and Karl J. Sandstrom

How Boards Can Reduce Corporate Misbehavior

Featured in “Harvard Business Review” (co-authored with Bruno Cova and Lee D. Augsburger)

The Devil Made Me Do It:

Replacing Corporate Directors’ Veil of Secrecy with the Mantle of Stewardship Featured in the “San Diego Law Review” (Co-authored with Karen L. Page)

Collision Course:

The Risk Companies Face When Their Political Spending and Core Values Conflict and How to Address Them

Preparing for the Apocalypse:

A Multi-Prong Proposal to Develop Counter-measures for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Threats Co-Authored by Anat Alon-Beck