Media Mentions

Media Mentions and Accolades

Your Spring 1998 course on Corporate Governance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business gave me the opportunity to examine ‘Other Constituency Statutes for Protecting Stakeholder Rights in Corporate Law,’ the title of my term paper.”  –I.S.

“Thank you so much Constance E. Bagley, it was a genuine pleasure and highlight of my academic career to work for and learn from you!” –Yulee Newsome ’09 MBA (Worked with Professor Bagley at Yale School of Management on a project for the Congressional Black Caucus and business and community leaders)

Stakeholder Capitalism: Should Employees Demand Change?” in Forbes, June 11, 2020.

Bernard Ebbers, WorldCom CEO convicted in historic fraud scandal, dies at 78” in The Washington Post, February 3, 2020.

WorldCom fraud was brazen, easy to spot, experts say” in The Baltimore Sun, June 27, 2002.